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1) Melvin Johnson 
Manitowoc, Wisconsin
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Life has been anything but dull for us. I finished my PhD (finally) in 2009 at the age of 63. I am now on the tenure track as an Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Wisconsin Manitowoc campus. I enjoy the students, I enjoy my colleagues, and I enjoy academic life. I do not enjoy the Wisconsin political landscape, and I am a horrid "Wisconsinite"--I do not like brats and beer, I detest cheese curds, and I do not root for the Packers, Brewers, Bucs, and definitely not the Badgers (Go Huskers!!!). Probably the most interesting trips I ever took were my safari to Kenya and Tanzania and I took our eldest daughter on a "Round the World" trip for her high school trip. (It helped that I was a travel agent at the time.) My wife is retired, but I am definitely not. I keep active by singing in the Lakeshore Chorale, reading murder mysteries by Martha Grimes, camping, and traveling around the country with students and my beautiful wife.
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